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Network Updates & Changelogs
Started by GrowlyX

Practice Updates:

- Changed Party Hotbar style

- Changed Leave Queue items

- Changed Party chat Prefix, and added a shortcut '!' to use party chat

- Changed Party Fight GUI

- Changed Party Settings GUI

- Updated Discord Invites '/discord'

- Fixed Placeholders not working

- Added Games menu

- Added Gamemodes item in hotbar

- Fixed Sumo Event 

- Added Brackets Tournaments

- Increased Max Party players limit from 10 to 30

- Changed Settings GUI '/settings'

- Fixed Perks Menu not opening, and throwing an error

- Fixed BedWars Party FFA glitch

- Added new **Stats** GUI, and fixed the durability status on Games GUI


KitPVP Updates:

- Fixed Duels Maps

- Changed Duels Messages

- Changed KitPVP Prefix


Global Updates:

- Fixed Anticheat kicking players for 'Move'

- Fixed Anticheat AutoEat alerts

- Fixed AntiCheat Packet alerts

- Added new Queue system



- Anvil Spleef

- Cannon Paintings

- Dive

- Fireleapers


- Highground

- Further Development on Arcade

- Factions




Owner on the PVPX Network


Backend/Web Development

Java Development


3 months ago