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Network Updates & Changelogs | 7/29/2020
Started by GrowlyX

Network Updates/Changelogs


Practice Updates:

- Added New Hub (MAJOR)

- Added New PVPX Sign

- Added New Events GUI

- Added 9 New, Custom made Maps. (MAJOR)

- Tested & Optimized Anticheats for Practice (MAJOR)

- Fixed KitEditor

- Fixed PVP Bots Knockback (MAJOR)


Discord Updates:

- Added Disboard Bot to the Discord server (MAJOR)

- Added Circle Bot to Discord (MAJOR)


Arcade Updates:

- New Arcade Lobby (MAJOR)

- New Scoreboard Design (MAJOR)

- New Messages Design (MAJOR)


Global Updates:

- Optimized Anticheat on all servers.


Web Updates:

- New HomePage

- New Stats Page (MAJOR)


Upcoming Updates:

- Fix Website (MAJOR)

- Unify all pages headers



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Java Development


3 months ago