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Yo why am I not on the staff :(
2 months ago

Hey, I am GrowlyX! Owner on PVPX :D
3 months ago

4 months ago
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Network Updates/Changelogs   Practice Updates: - Added New Hub (MAJOR) - Added New PVPX Sign - Added New Events GUI - Added 9 New, Custom made Maps. (MAJOR) - Tested & Optimized Anticheats for Practice (MAJOR) - Fixed KitEditor - Fixed PVP Bots Knockback (MAJOR)   Discord Updates: - Added Disboard Bot to the Discord server (MAJOR) - Added Circle Bot to Discord (MAJOR)   Arcade Updates: - New Arcade Lobby (MAJOR) - New Scoreboard Design (MAJOR) - New Messages Design (MAJOR)   Global Updates: - Optimized Anticheat on all servers.   Web Updates: - New HomePage - New Stats Page (MAJOR)   Upcoming Updates: - Fix Website (MAJOR) - Unify all pages headers
3 months ago

KITS 1.0 RELEASE Hello Everyone! I will be announcing the release of Kits 1.0 on PVPX.   What is Kits? On Kits, you can make Clans, or Factions, and fight eachother in the large map. You can earn money by fighting others in the map, and get paid real cash if you are first on the faction top.   Information: * World Border: 3000 Blocks * Warzone Radius: 1000 Blocks * End Portals: (1000,1000) Each Quadrant * Classes: Miner, Archer, Rogue, Bard   Useful Commands: * /helpop * /f * /mapkit   Useful Links: * Website: * Store:
3 months ago

Practice Updates: - Changed Party Hotbar style - Changed Leave Queue items - Changed Party chat Prefix, and added a shortcut '!' to use party chat - Changed Party Fight GUI - Changed Party Settings GUI - Updated Discord Invites '/discord' - Fixed Placeholders not working - Added Games menu - Added Gamemodes item in hotbar - Fixed Sumo Event  - Added Brackets Tournaments - Increased Max Party players limit from 10 to 30 - Changed Settings GUI '/settings' - Fixed Perks Menu not opening, and throwing an error - Fixed BedWars Party FFA glitch - Added new **Stats** GUI, and fixed the durability status on Games GUI   KitPVP Updates: - Fixed Duels Maps - Changed Duels Messages - Changed KitPVP Prefix   Global Updates: - Fixed Anticheat kicking players for 'Move' - Fixed Anticheat AutoEat alerts - Fixed AntiCheat Packet alerts - Added new Queue system   Upcoming: - Anvil Spleef - Cannon Paintings - Dive - Fireleapers   - Highground - Further Development on Arcade - Factions - UHC
3 months ago

Hello! As you guys know, we currently have 3 gamemodes, and more coming. We have Arcade Games, Practice, and KitPVP Since we have just released Arcade, there will be some bugs. If you have any bugs, please head to, OR report any bugs on our discord server! Enjoy! - GrowlyX  - PVPX Development Team
3 months ago